6th EMF Collective Bargaining Policy Conference


“Jobs, Rights and Collective Bargaining”

Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th November 2009

Hotel Velada, Madrid

The conference focused on:

  • The effects of the current crisis on collective bargaining
  • Current tendencies in collective bargaining: the EMF wage coordination rule, future collective bargaining perspectives, the undercutting of labour costs and the working time debate
  • EMF 2nd Common Demand : Precarious employment

The conference will be followed by a press conference to launch the EMF campaign in respect of its second common European demand.

For more information, please contact Bart Samyn, EMF Deputy General Secretary

Collective Bargaining Collection DVD

The EMF has produced a DVD entitled 'Collective Bargaining Collection', which includes the EMF film 'Precarious Work - Precarious Lives', as well as documentation on collective bargaining.


EMF Launches 2nd Common Demand of the European metalworkers’ unions “For more secure employment, against precarious work”

The 6th EMF Collective Bargaining Conference (Madrid, 17th & 18th November) was held under the slogan "Jobs, Rights & Collective Bargaining". Over 220 participants debated the effects of the current crisis on collective bargaining rounds, structures and agreement results throughout Europe.


Press Invitation ▪ Press Invitation

Press Conference

Launch of EMF 2nd Common Demand in respect of Precarious Work

Members of the press are cordially invited to attend a press conference held by the European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF) and its Spanish affiliates Industria CC.OO and MCA-UGT

at 13H00 on 18 November 2009

at the

Calle de Alcala, 476
E - 28027 Madrid

Translate to:

For more secure employment, against precarious work

The EMF Collective Bargaining Policy Conference 2009 launched the 2nd Common Demand:

“For more secure employment, against precarious work”,

which will be included in the collective bargaining demands of all its 75 affiliated trade unions and in future collective bargaining rounds throughout Europe over the next four years.


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